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Inclusion and well-being are two short statements which can mean so many different things. The IMPRESS Project was set up to tackle the issues of social and economic inclusion through employment.

Many organisations already provide support to long term unemployed people in order to get them into employment. However, very often, the IMPRESS Project beneficiaries have the most difficulties in facing multiple changes in their life and in trying to sustain the employment recently gained.

This is the reason why the partnership decided to create the project  IMPRESS (Innovative and Meaningful Post Recruitment Employment Support Services). Together partners aim at:

  • Developing and implementing a cross border post employment support service project and strategy to ensure sustainable employment in the Channel area.
  • Engaging with employers to improve staff retention, provide better skills opportunities and contribute to their growth and development.
  • Developing practical approaches and techniques that will improve the performance and retention of individuals at work and overcome barriers to their continued employment.
  • Developing a post employment support strategy in relation to certain employment sectors (i.e. construction, retail, care) to understand what works well for employers and beneficiaries.


Within the project, partners join forces, experience and expertise in order to provide support to both employers and employees. In fact, we think that one can’t work without the other and we know that a project with an integrated approach towards sustained employment would be for the best benefit of all parties involved:

  • Employers would be able to increase staff retention (recruitment is a time consuming and costly activity), up skill their employees and enhance their profile.
  • Employees will be provided with a 1-2-1 support in order to face all changes occurring in their life at the time of gaining employment (housing, child care, stress, cultural barriers…)
  • Employment support organisations will provide a continuous support to their beneficiaries who at the moment are often left alone to face the struggle of the unknown. In fact, employment agencies such as Job centre or Pole Emploi, both stop their support after the job offer has been accepted.

The IMPRESS Project is a cross-border project financed by the EU’s European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) under the Interreg IVA Channel programme (France-England).