AGEFOS PME Normandie

AGEFOS PMEYour vocational training adviser anywhere in France.

AGEFOS PME is the first private management authority of vocational training funds in France. It is approved by the Government to act as an Organisme Paritaire Collecteur
Agréé (OPCA) to collect professional training funds from companies and finance training activities.

These funded trainings allow skills development both for job seekers and employees. This contributes to maintaining accessibility to job opportunities and sustainable employment.
In Normandy, AGEFOS PME’s headquarters are in Caen but also has 3 other locations.

AGEFOS PME is made up of 10,800 companies and covers 118,500 employees.

The IMPRESS project has  allowed AGEFOS PME to enhance their existing range of support services, ensuring access to and the retention of employment and improvement in the
performance of companies.