Final Result

Partners joined forces to share experience and expertise in order to provide support to both employers and employees in the belief that one cannot work without the other; we decided upon an integrated approach towards sustained employment to the benefit of all the parties involved:

  • Employers  were able to increase staff retention (recruitment is a time consuming and costly activity), up skill their workforce and enhance their profile.
  • Employees were provided with  1-2-1 support in order to face all changes occurring in their life at the time of gaining employment (housing, child care, stress, cultural barriers, etc).
  • Employment support organisations provided continuous support to the beneficiaries who are often left  to face the struggle of the unknown alone. Employment agencies such as Job Centre or Pole Emploi, were both able to stop the support they offered to job seekers after the job offer has been accepted.

Throughout the duration of the project, the key outcomes were to:

  • Support 1,650 beneficiaries to sustain their employment, reaching a 50% retention rate.
  • Engage with a minimum of 567 businesses to improve their staff retention and boost their productivity.
  • Deliver a range of meaningful and productive business led events to offer essential training and awareness of support services available, plus insight into how help support the improvements in an employer’s current HR policies and practice to support the retention of the employees.

Project Outcomes:

  • Supported 1635 beneficiaries (99% of target)
  • 1069 sustained in employment (128% of target)
  • 331 went on further training (100% of target)
  • 62 achieved career advancement (75% of target)
  • 741 business benefited from the project (130% of target)

Job Coach Exchanges

During the course of the project, 31 staff exchanges (141% of target) took place, cross border and/or cross partner, to compare and contrast different approaches, needs and local solutions.

A summary report of these exchanges can be found here:
IMPRESS Job Coach Exchange Report